1. soulwarphotography:

    Drunken friends

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  2. soulwarphotography:

    Sketchy motel bathroom shot that belongs in a bad indie film

  3. Dar-liiing

  4. Selfies from a motel bathroom


  5. I can not sleep and everyone around me slumbers but we need to check out soon. Me oh my.

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  6. Hullo,
    My partner, friends, and I may have taken acid last night at a sketchy motel. So here is a lovely photo of the two of us in a bathtub while I talk to a drunken friend on the phone.

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  11. mynameisliterallywhatever:

    Why do anything

  12. cenobiteme:

    Pupil dilation during an eye exam after sustaining a penetrating injury.

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  14. Anonymous said: Go to california, I can hook you up with a qt octopus with marshmallow cheeks

    I can so dig it


  15. A psychic pulled me over on the street yesterday to tell me that she sees a future for me in California and troubles with my love life rn. I’m open to that mumbo jumbo but she seemed sketch. Eh, idk. My love life is cool and California makes me think of “quality “blogs and the spinal cord perception.